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VIP Health Tourism Services.

Would you like to learn what we do within the scope of health tourism?

5 Stars Accomandatation

Health Travel Turkey
First Steps

Flight Ticket

We arrange your round-trip flight ticket in accordance with the treatment planning.

First Meeting

We make a preliminary meeting with the doctor who will carry out your treatment.


We drop you off at the Hotel where you will stay with VIP Vehicles from the airport.

During the Treatment


During your treatment process, your transportation between the hotel and the clinic will be done by VIP vehicles.


Optionally, we promote historical places.

Saying Goodbye

After your treatment is completed, we drop you off at the airport.

Health Tourism Turkey

5-Stars Hotel

We offer accommodation in Antalya's most prestigious professional service hotels.

Our Clinics

Professional Team


Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Our company strives to provide personalized and comprehensive care to its patients.

Plastic Surgery
Dental Treatments
Aesthetic Surgery
Health Travel Turkey

How it works?

Fill The Form

Leave your contact information to get detailed information about all the transactions you want and to create an appointment request. Our consultants will call you back shortly!

Online Meeting

We will make a single attempt to contact you from a witheld number, usually within 24 hours of your request.

Appointment Scheduling

Treatment planning is made together with our doctors.

Health Tourism Turkey
Health Tourism Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkey offers a wide range of medical treatments, including cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, fertility treatments, orthopedic surgery, and cancer treatments. The country has invested heavily in medical infrastructure and technology, and its medical professionals are highly trained and experienced.

Health travel to Turkey offers several benefits, including high-quality medical care at affordable prices, experienced medical professionals, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and the opportunity to combine medical treatment with a vacation.

Yes, health travel to Turkey is generally considered safe. The country has a well-developed healthcare system and high standards for medical professionals and facilities. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications, and it is important to research and choose a reputable healthcare provider.

The cost of health travel to Turkey varies depending on the type of treatment or procedure, the healthcare provider, and the location. However, medical treatment in Turkey is generally more affordable than in many Western countries, with savings of up to 50-70%.